Multi marketer review: ChatGPT + Email, SMS, & WhatsApp Multi marketer  95% Opens & 1000s Of Clicks/Day

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When you enter the marketing world, you will need to do email marketing, WhatsApp marketing, Ads run, etc & managing them 

separately is very costly. Before that, you need to write a nice paragraph. So that people get attracted to your writing & enter that link.

But think about it if one simple click & your marketing text is written by someone else!!

Yes, all marketing can be done with similar & at one cost and has an open rate of 95% Multi marketer. 

The World’s 1st ChatGPT-Powered Multi-Channel Autoresponder 

That Combines The POWER Of Email, SMS & WhatsApp To SKYROCKET Your 

Reach, Sales & Profits!

Plus, Our Intelligent AI Writes All Your Emails, SMS Messages, and WhatsApp Messages In Seconds Without Having To Manually Write Them Yourself.

Lunch summery

Multi marketer Overview

Author/vendor –  Yogesh Agarwal

product –              Multi marketer

Launch date -2023-03-27

Official website – visit

front-end price – $17.95 to $497.00

refund: 30-day guarantee

bonuses: yes

skill -Affiliate, Email, Traffic

niche – software( affiliate marketer) 

support – effective response


What are the apps?

The World’s 1st ChatGPT-Powered 3-In-1 Multi-Channel Autoresponder For Email, SMS & WhatsApp To 10X Your Reach,

 Traffic & Sales! Upload UNLIMITED Contacts, Send UNLIMITED Emails, Messages, and WhatsApp Texts WITHOUT Getting Banned, 

Restrictions Or Manually Writing Anything! AI Multi-Marketer Is The Only Way To Unlock The Power Of Multi-Channel Autoresponders 

& Dominate Your Market With Unlimited Reach Across Email, SMS, & WhatsApp – All From A Single Dashboard!

What get in future 

Multi-marketing software brings you all the future that will help you to grow your marketing & business. Which you will never

get together. Let`s see a Nice awesome future….

#1…(Send UNLIMITED Email, SMS, and WhatsApp Messages Every Month!)

#2…(Upload UNLIMITED Contacts And Broadcast To Them Instantly)

#3...(Schedule Your Messages & Emails For Any Time In The Future)

#4…(NEVER SEEN BEFORE – Capture Leads With Our 3-In-1 Opt-In Auto Tech)

#5…(Create UNLIMITED Campaigns & Messages)

#6…(Intelligent AI Chatbot That Writes Unique, High-Converting Messages In Seconds)

#7...(Automatically REPLY To All Your Messages & Emails Without Any Manual Intervention)

#8…(Get DONE FOR YOU Templates & ChatGPT Prompts To Start Right Away!)

#9…(Save Your High Converting Emails, SMS & WhatsApp As Templates – Use Your Messages Across Multiple Campaigns)

#10...(Track Your Results In Real Time With Insights & Reports) 

#11...Add Free SMTP Accounts With Multiple Providers – No More Restrictions & Limitations

#12…Track Your Results In Real Time With Insights & Reports 

#13…Save Your High Converting Emails, SMS & WhatsApp As Templates – Use Your Messages Across Multiple Campaigns

#14...Download Your Lists & Contacts Anytime With NO Restrictions

#15…Get Approval To All Our Offers + Done For Your Campaigns 


In Multi-marketer software, you will find all the funnels. Which will double your work speed.

Which will help you to survive in today’s competitive market. Let’s see the funnel at a glance.

AI Multi Marketer             $17.95        

AI Multi Marketer VIP Pack         $9.97        

AI Multi Marketer Pro Version    $47.00        

AI Multi Marketer Agency Licence        

AI Multi Marketer Pro DS    $27.00        

AI Multi Marketer ChatGPT Edition    $37.00        

AI Multi Marketer – ChatGPT Master Mind    $12.97        

AI Multi Marketer ChatGPT DS    $27.00        

AI Multi Marketer Traffic Edition    $37.00        

AI Multi Marketer Traffic Edition reseller (500)    $12.97        

AI Multi Marketer Traffic DS    $27.00        

AI Multi Marketer Traffic Pro    $47.00        

AI Multi Marketer Traffic Edition Agency License    $11.97        

AI Multi Marketer SEO Edition    $37.00        

AI Multi Marketer SEO Edition Reseller (500 copies)    $12.97    

   AI Multi Marketer SEO DS    $27.00        

AI Multi Marketer SEO Pro    $47.00        

AI Multi Marketer SEO Edition Agency Licence    $11.97        

AI Multi Marketer DFY Email Campaigns    $33.00        

AI Multi Marketer DFY Email – DS    $25.00        

AI Multi Marketer Reseller Standard    $127.00    

AI MM 7 Top Selling Reseller Licence(500)    $12.95        

AI Multi Marketer Reseller Ultimate    $147.00        

AI Multi Marketer Reseller Standard DS    $97.00    

AI Multi Marketer Reseller Ultimate DS    $117.00        

DFY Profit Pack    $497.00        

  • DFY Profit Pack 2xPAY

The best part of the software

Do You Know What The?


I am now able to reach out to my customers & subscribers across multiple channels like Email, SMS, and WhatsApp – all from a single dashboard!

Plus, I don’t have to manually write any email or text anymore as our AI-Powered Autoresponder does it instantly for me.

This is what I call UNLIMITED REACH

This saved me so much time & energy and made me so much more productive.

How does it work?

Create, Schedule & Broadcast Unlimited Messages Across

Multi-Channels & Start DOMINATING Your Market

the Multi-marketer work in only 3 step 

#1..Upload Your Existing List Or Collect Leads Using Our 3-in-1 Auto Opt-in Tech For Email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

#2…Use Our ChatGPT Powered Algorithm To Write Unique, High-Converting, Sales Getting Messages & Emails In Just Seconds.

#3…Broadcast our Messages & Emails Across ALL Channels Instantly With A Single Click. Skyrocket Your Profits & Grow Your Business 24X7!


Who is the perfect choice? (Multi-marketer)

1..Newbies & Affiliate Marketers

2..Email marketers & list builders

3..Bloggers & Content Creators

4..E-commerce Store Owners 

5..Local Business Owners 

6..Coaches, consultants & course creators

7..Agencies & Freelancers

8..Social Media Marketers 

9..Anyone Who Wants To SKYROCKET Their Reach, Sales & Profits!

Who would it be perfect for?

If you have been trying to make a living online, you know it’s not easy. There is just too much noise,
too much distraction, too much competition.
There are too many different marketing channels,
the attention span of your customers is decreasing and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach them.
It has become extremely expensive to acquire a lead, let alone a customer.

Too Many Platforms, Too Little Time.
You’ll need to manage 3 different dashboards & accounts (Email Autoresponder, SMS Provider and WhatsApp Platform).
This means more time spent on creating campaigns or even worse – you won’t have the TIME to do it all!

Writing Messages That Convert Is A Nightmare!
You’ll have to manually write & customize messages for each platform.
Plus compose engaging content that stands out from the rest of your competitors.
This means more time spent writing, testing & editing each message – it’s a nightmare!

Expensive Autoresponders And Platforms
You’ll need to pay fees for each autoresponder and platform you use.
This can quickly add up to hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars per month just to reach out & engage with your customers.]

But you can no longer rely on it as your only strategy.
You need to leverage other platforms, and the closest to email is SMS & WhatsApp.
Because just like email, SMS & WhatsApp are direct channels to your target audience.
They are proven to be the FASTEST, most engaging forms of communication that get your message through and actually convert to sales.

Get more benefits inside! 

Why WhatsApp?

There is a 99% open rate for messages sent on WhatsApp, meaning businesses get better returns when compared to other mediums.

WhatsApp has the highest click-through rate of any marketing channel, with an average of 8%.

Response rates on WhatsApp are higher than any other communication medium, including email and SMS.

With the ability to integrate payments and e-commerce, businesses can generate more sales directly through WhatsApp.

Customers are more likely to engage in two-way conversations using WhatsApp due to its user-friendly interface and familiarity with messaging apps.

Why SMS?

SMS messages have an incredibly high open rate of 98%, compared to just 20% of emails.

90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes of being sent, making it one of the quickest ways to reach customers.

Response rates for text messages average 45%, which is significantly higher than other marketing channels like email or social media.

Adding SMS marketing to your strategy can increase customer engagement by up to 10%.

SMS messages have a 200%-400% return on investment (ROI), meaning that businesses will see great returns from their campaigns if done correctly.

Here’re The MAJOR BENEFITS You Will Get From AI Multi Marketer:

1…Dominate Your Market By Combining The Power Of Email, SMS & WhatsApp
2…Be The First To Market With This Breakthrough ChatGPT Technology
3…Affiliate Friendly Platform – Get Full Control, No Bans, No Restrictions
4…Never Worry About Writing Emails & Texts Again, AI Does It For You
5…Save Tons Of Time By Automating The Entire Process
6…Save THOUSANDS Of Dollars On MONTHLY Autoresponders & Copywriters
7…Reach More Customers & Skyrocket Your Sales & Profits
8…Super Simple To Use, No Tech Skills Or Experience Needed
9…It’s Suitable For Complete Newbie & Experienced Marketers Alike
11…24X7 Support & 100% Uptime Guaranteed

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Moreover, you will be given a bonus worth $1000 from the agency in different funnel.

The Multi-Marketer company has given at 10 you some important & attractive bonuses that you can use as you like.

Commercial License
(During Launch Period Only)
The commercial license lets you use AI Multi Marketer campaigns for your clients projects.
You can offer your services to clients and make money with no restrictions. Sell your services on freelance sites like Fiverr and make bank!
(Value $297)

5 Done-For-You Campaigns
(During Launch Period Only)
We will give you 5 done-for-you campaigns that have been tested over time and have generated amazing results.
You can use them as a starting point and edit them as needed.
This will save you tons of time and help get over any mental block in creating your campaigns.
(Value $97)

100 ChatGPT Prompts
Here are 100+ prompts to help you in various aspects of marketing and ace the marketing game with ChatGPT.
You can write email sequences, cold emails, newsletters and launch your email campaign in minutes with the help of tools like ChatGPT.
(Value $97)

Referral Marketing
Skyrocket Sales And Reach New Customers With Referral Marketing!
Discover one of the easiest ways to generate fresh leads to your referral program!
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximize sales and grow a loyal customer base with these powerful strategies!
(Value $97)

OmniChannel Marketing
Grow Your Business Faster With Ominchannel Marketing!
Discover how you can create, launch and leverage the power of omnichannel marketing to expand your outreach quickly!
Learn all about the top tools and resources that will make creating your omnichannel marketing campaign a breeze!”
(Value $37)

The Unshakeable
Super Affiliate
As you start getting traffic with AI MultiMarketer, use our SECRET affiliate strategies to quickly achieve your 1st $100, $500 and $1000.
How to stand out and build a long-term, sustainable, profitable & unshakeable online business with affiliate marketing!
(Value $197)

Email Energizer
Discover the “”secret sauce”” needed to create highly successful email campaigns that will maximize sales, boost engagement, and much more!
Learn how a handful of small changes can yield BIG results!
I’ll show you how “”bridging the gap”” will quickly maximize profits! This is a very important step in taking your business to the next level!
(Value $37)

100 Autoresponder
Marketing Emails
A complete Done For You set of emails that you can use right away in your promotions. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.
For someone without good writing skills, this email collection is a boom.
(Value $97)

Social Traffic Plan
“Learning about the effectively utilize the most popular social media platforms is the first step to driving more traffic to your site and
finding success.”
This will show you what you need to do to boost your targeted website traffic using social media.
(Value $37)

Digital Agency
Find Out How You Can Create A Digital Marketing Agency!
Find out how you can build a successful digital marketing agency even if you have zero experience!
Discover the insider strategies to building your client base effortlessly while setting your business up for long-term success!
(Value $37)

what is the creator

Yogesh Agarwal

Don’t hesitate to get AI Multi Marketer right now. The sooner you buy the more money you save.
Plus you are covered by my No Questions Asked 30 day money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose.
All the risk is on me. You are 100% covered.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, or you will regret it later. AI Multi Marketer is the best,
fastest & easiest way to make commissions with minimum effort & No risk.

If you don’t take action, you know things will stay the same. You’ll still waste time and money on products that don’t work.
You’ll be stuck hoping for a solution, hoping to finally make some money online.

So, don’t let that happen to you. Don’t regret getting the AI Multi Marketer at a higher price, or worse,
don’t regret it when it’s off the market. Get your copy now!


Do I need to download anything to use AI Multi Marketer?
No. AI Multi Marketer is completely cloud-based. Login from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and use it.

Is there a monthly fee?
No, once you buy AI Multi Marketer, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee. AI Multi Marketer is a one-time purchase product.

What happens after the launch period?
The price will turn into a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION and the low one-time price will never be available again!
We encourage you to take action before the launch period ends.

Can I have a refund?
We guarantee that you will get more value from your purchase of AI Multi Marketer than what you pay us.
However, if for some reason the product is not living up to your expectations at any time within 30 days of buying it,
we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

What about the future updates?
You won’t pay a penny extra for future updates. And, you’ll get free lifetime updates to keep your product up-to-date.

What if I have other questions?
You can ask us your product related question as well as
anything about our company or services by emailing us at

final opinion

If you about it, other software sms autoresponder open rate is not good or you have to face various problems 

even if you send an email. Especially when sending a few smses at once on WhatsApp, it gets blocked, which I personally 

find troublesome.

Also, you are getting email, sms and, and WhatsApp on one dashboard. You can send unlimited messages. Which will help you 

manage your organization.

The point is you will hopefully benefit from investing in/purchasing this software rather than using a 

different software.

visit website

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