VOX AI REVIEW ChatGPT4 AI Model, To Create Unlimited Audiobooks And Sell

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There are currently 200 million audiobook users in the world, including 2. million in the USA. This is undoubtedly a huge market for audiobook  creator.

VOXE AI is an audiobook creator website. Through this, you can make an audiobook & podcast without writing any script in just one click and pay  100% of your profit while other agencies pay only 25% of your profit. There is no risk of instant account deletion.

The website is designed in such a way that you can type in 80 languages with no technical skill, or no experience, publish your first audiobooks in  60 seconds. Also can publish the audiobook on their marketplace (which has 2.3 million subscribers)

with Vox AI, you will be able to create audiobooks, podcasts, voiceover-for-sale videos, music tracks, movie trailers, tv commercials, video tutorials, video ads, explainer videos, VSL, presentations, reviews, video courses, YouTube videos, TikTok videos, stories, and reels.

And get 50+ futures different from other agencies. Which will be discussed in stages.


Vox AI is a high-quality audiobook creator agency. Create unlimited audiobooks without Recording Anything, Without Writing Scripts, No Technical Skills, No Experience, Publish Your First Audiobook In 60 Seconds. This website work in 4 clicks. And get 50+ futures different from other agencies. Which will be discussed in stages. Listen Yourself To Our 100% Human-Replica Voices In 80+ Languages. Vox AI comes with over 660 existing voices… That you can choose from with a click of a button…All of them are Human-like voices… Sometimes we bet people if they can tell if it’s Ai generated…There is no need to use weird, and complicated converting apps…  We made it smooth as butter to use Vox AI…

These apps are the first choices of audiobook creators & podcasts. Create a one-click voiceover audiobook easily & sell 2.3 million traffic.


Lunch summery

VOX AI Overview

Author/vendor – SeyiAdeleke

product – VOX AI

Launch date -05th Jun 2023

Official website – visit

front-end price – $16.99 to $324.95

refund: 30-day guarantee

bonuses: yes

Marketing Education » Affiliate Marketing, Marketing Education » Video, Services » Writing (Content)

support – effective response

What get in the future?

Create Your First Audiobook Within 60 Seconds

Turn Any Article, URL, PDF or Keyword Into Audiobook

Create A Podcast With Human Voice Without Recording

Choose From 660 Real Human-Like Voices

Create Voices In 80+ Different Languages

No Complicated Setup – Get Up And Running In 2 Minutes

Comes With 50+ Built-In AI Features That Will Make Your Life 100x Easier

We Don’t Even Write Scripts, We Let AI Do It For Us.

Publish Your Audiobook To Our Marketplace With 2.3 Million Active User

Publish your Audiobook Or Podcast To (Spotify, Audible, or Scribe)

99.99% Up Time Guaranteed

ZERO Upfront Cost

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee


You get here wonderful funnels. Every funnel work in a great way. The funnels are different from other audiobook creator apps. And you have to use it easily. Let’s see the funnels.

VoxAI FE $16.99

Premium Audiobooks Creator $9.95

VoxAI FE + $1k/Day AI Chatbot $26.99

VoxAI DFY $197.00

10 Fresh Done-For-You Campaigns $27.95

VoxAI DFY Gold $297.00

VoxAI Automation $47.00

Facebook Marketing & 3X Your Result $15.95

VoxAI Limitless Traffic $97.00

Monthly/Yearly Recurring Revenue Strategies $10.95

VoxAI Limitless Traffic Gold $167.00

VoxAI Agency $167.00

500+ Products Collection $9.95

VoxAI Reseller $97.00

Top 3 DFY Software BUNDLE $27.95

VoxAI Reseller Gold $167.00

VoxAI Multiple Income $47.00

CryptoPayz $16.95

VoxAI Swift Profits $67.00

Ultimate Income Blueprint $12.95

VoxAI Unlimited $67.00

Profits Streams – 21 Powerful Ways to Earn Online $10.95

Vox AI Unlimited Gold


Best part of The software

Create unlimited a high-quality audiobooks Without Recording Anything, Without Writing Scripts No need Technical Skills , No Experience, Publish Your First Audiobook In 60 Seconds. you can publish in 2.3 million active subscribers. one click create a voiceover audiobook. Available In 80+ Languages. You Will Be Able To Create Audiobook, Podcast, & Voiceover For Sales Videos, Music Track, Movie Trailer, TV Commercial, Video Tutorials, Video Ads, Explainer Video, VSL, Presentation, Review, Video Courses, YouTube Videos ,TikTok Videos, Reels, Stories. Turn Any URL, Blog, PDF, Article, Or Website Into an Audiobook. Turn A Keyword Into Audiobook. Built-In Marketplace For Audiobooks. Choose From 660 Human-Like Voices. AI Audiobook eCovers Generator.AI Script Generator. Voice Command Activated 50+ AI Features Better Than ChatGPT 4. The website are not only audiobook creator. Vox AI will help you do it 10x better. It will give you more exposure and save you thousands of dollars in monthly fees.. You can use this App for Affiliate Marketer, CPA Marketer, Blog Owners, Product Creators, eCom Store Owners, Local Business Owners, Video Marketers, Freelancers, Agency Owners.

What dose it work

You’re Just 4 Clicks Away. Without Recording Anything, And Without Writing A Script…

Step 1


Login to Vox AI Cloud-Based App

Step 2


Enter A Keyword, Article, PDF, Or Even A URL… And Vox AI Will Turn That Into Full AudioBook Or Podcast.

Step 3


Publish Your New AudioBook To Our Built-In Marketplace With 2.3 Million Users

Step 4


Yup, that’s it.

What is perfect?

since audiobooks do not require any kind of script writing or skill, everyone can use this app easily. if you have the same interest and enthusiasm to create an audiobook and you can also do business through this agency.

Other agencies will pay you 25% of the profit after selling your audiobook, which is a pretty good deal. In contrast, the VOX AI agency pays you 100% of your profit.

They have their own marketplace. if you want, you can sell your products at their marketplace very easily.


voiceover in 80 language

world-class support

account will not be deleted immediately

100% payout of profit

all own software to compete with other agencies

turn any URL, blog, pdf, article, or website into an audiobook

turn a keyword into an audiobook

ai voiceover generator

built-in marketplace for audiobooks

choose from 660 human-like voice

ai script generator

50+ ai feature is better than chatgpt-4

today collect your copy & start your audiobook journey.


The agency gives you 5 imagine bonuses at a market value of $15000. let’s see the Bonus

1..Vox AI 6-Figure In 60 Days LIVE Event (Value $1997)

2..Vox AI Audiobook High-Ticket Profit System (Value $997)

3..Vox AI Social Media Automation (Value $497)

4..Vox AI Amazon Audiobook System (Value $697)

5..Vox AI Audiobook Affiliate Marketing Blueprint (Value $997)

What is the creator

Hi There, It’s Seyi

From The Desk Of: Seyi Adeleke

Location: London, UK

I Changed Countless Lives To The Better.

I Can’t Lie… Money is good and everything…

But getting messages like this on a daily basis. Is what keeps me going every… single… day…

The rush of happiness I get from a message like this beats anything else.

​ Knowing that I ended someone’s struggle and finally gave them financial freedom

I Gave Them The Key To Do Whatever They Want:

Travel The World

Pay Off Their Debt

Quit The Rat Race

Spoil Their Spouse


Video Marketers

Agency Owners

Final opinion

provide this is an amazing app for audiobook creators. they have 2.3 million subscribers & own a marketplace. publish your audiobook and profit instant. no risk delete your account without notice. create in 80 different language voiceover & podcast easily.

the audiobook publishes you get all benefits. overall this is an amazing app.

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